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Hand-knitted sweaters, which are the most trendy pieces of the winter season, are also indispensable parts of our wardrobes. By combining a simple sweater with a stylish necklace, you can easily take on a flashy atmosphere.

Hand-woven sweaters, which take their place in online stores with different details every year, are very delicate clothes.

You can extend the life of our hand-knit sweaters, which are our most preferred clothes in winter, by washing and drying them correctly.

Below, we have listed the recommendations that you should pay attention to in order to wash your hand-woven sweaters without wearing them out.



Pay attention to the temperature of the water


When washing your hand-knit sweaters and blankets, choose neither too hot nor too cold water. The most suitable temperature level for hand-knitted products is warm water. High temperatures can cause shrinkage in your hand-knitted clothes and blankets. Only cold water will not be enough for a clean wash.


How Often to Clean Hand-Knit Clothes and Blankets


Because of their delicate yarn and patterns, hand-knit items benefit from less washing. Ideally, clean them only once or twice a season.


Review your laundry detergent


Cotton laundry is generally durable laundry. Ordinary laundry detergents you use for your cotton may not be suitable for washing your hand-knitted clothes and blankets. Therefore, you can give your hand-knitted sweaters and blankets the care they deserve by washing them with mildly perfumed shampoos.


Tips for hand washing of hand-knitted items


  • If you are going to hand wash your sweaters, remember that you should never be pickled! Wash in lukewarm water for an average of 15 minutes in accordance with the washing instructions. To get the water, you can put a cotton cloth on it and wait for it to absorb the water.
  • No more hanging dry Hanging drying is one of the biggest mistakes that cause sweaters to wear out quickly. After washing your sweater, you can wait for it to dry on a flat surface and in an airy environment.


Storing Hand-Knit Clothes and Blankets


Store hand-knitted items folded and flat on a shelf or in a clothing box to keep them dust-free.
Avoid hanging hand-knit items, especially sweaters, scarves, and cardigans, so that they do not lose their shape.

For off-season storage, store in dry places away from moisture and we recommend using organic moth repellent.

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